Project leaders

Professors Elizabeth Kirk (PI) and Tina Hunter (Co-I) lead the team.

Professor Kirk has previously led and participated in interdisciplinary research teams of lawyers, physical and social scientists. She has co-organised transdisciplinary workshops and conferences bringing together professional bodies, stakeholders and various disciplines. In addition, Professor Kirk brings world-leading understanding of the impact that forms of governance have on compliance and hence on the effectiveness of law.

Professor Hunter has academic qualifications in geosciences, information management, research and law, and has researched and consulted in numerous Arctic jurisdictions, bringing together the scientific and legal dimensions within projects. In addition, Hunter brings a world leading depth of understanding of the relevant science and law connection in the regulation of offshore and also has experience of running conferences and workshops.

Advisory board

Professors Kirk and Hunter are supported by an interdisciplinary advisory panel, which encompasses early career academics as well as senior colleagues at a number of UK universities. The advisory panel consists of

  • Professor Amin Al-Habaibeh, (Nottingham Trent University) Professor of Intelligent Engineering Systems, Director of University Alliance DTA-Energy; and
  • Dr Michael Brown, (Dundee University) geotechnical engineering;
  • Dr Kate Gormley, (Aberdeen University) environmental monitoring, policy and decommissioning; marine spatial planning and spatial analysis;
  • Professor Frithjof Kuepper, (Aberdeen University) biochemistry and biodiversity of marine algae and microbes;
  • Professor Ana Ivanovic, (Aberdeen University) civil engineering (soil – subsea structure interaction);
  • Professor David Ong, (Nottingham Trent University) the law on the outer continental shelf and joint development in the context of offshore installations;
  • Dr Daria Shapovalova, (Aberdeen University) regulating marine and air pollution in the Arctic States;
  • Professor Ursula Witte (Aberdeen University) consequences of anthropogenic impacts and climate change for arctic marine food webs and ecosystem functioning.