Workshop 2

Workshop 2 took place on the 6 March 2018 at the Nottingham Trent University. The main aim of the workshop was to start the development of further project and funding applications with a view to carrying out the research necessary to meet the Network objectives. Participants worked through two working groups. The first group focused on marine impacts. The second focused on social impacts. The marine impacts group focused on the role of science in decision making noting that the relative lack of development in the Arctic created an opportunity to adopt new ways of incorporating scientific evidence into regulatory decision making. The second group focused on the question of how to identify and address social impacts from energy installations in particular those not impacts not anticipated in advance of the project taking place.

The second SciBAr Installations workshop has provided the possibility to identify a whole range of options/ issues which implies an interaction between law and science. The SciBAr Installations network makes a case for law to make use of science. The Arctic offers an opportunity to get science involved before law is made, that is, using science to inform law with respect to oil & gas and other related energy activities. The Arctic is also an opportunity to adopt informed regulations that will take science and technology into consideration.

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