Two workshops were held in early 2018 with the aim of expanding the network, beginning the task of identifying gaps in knowledge and developing funding applications to tackle those gaps.  The specific aims were

Aims of the 2018 Workshops:

  1. Develop an overview of the potential risks and impacts associated with the construction and operation of offshore installations in the Arctic drawing on expertise from marine biology, engineering, environmental science, marine resources management, oceanography and social sciences alongside inputs from stakeholders. Using this overview, map the potential regulatory and governance solutions to these risks drawing on expertise from law. The outline will be of use to policy makers and researchers
  2. Develop a programme of research to enhance understanding of the risks, impacts and governance solutions to those risks identified in output A. The programme of research will also include the testing of governance and regulatory solutions against the science to enable evidence–based approaches to the regulation of Arctic energy installations

 For the information on the first workshop (January 2018, Aberdeen) click here; second workshop (March 2018, Nottingham) click here.